Dimitris Marinis has studied photography in the Technical University of Athens in 2000-2004. After A few years working in a web design Company he has started working as a freelance photgrapher at first by joining as an assistant in well known and respected studios and later by taking his own jobs and forming his own client list. Among them are dancing schools and theater teams, the Children Vilages SOS organization and varoius music webzines.

Constantly trying to further educate and learn new techniques and skills he has worked with various photographers and undertook a variety of photographic works thus obtaining versatility and experience

Christos Doulgerakis (born 15 June 1986) is a filmmaker, screenwriter and photographer coming from Athens, Greece. He studied film production in Berlin, Germany and has worked in various films, photo shootings, commercials and music videos.

It was sometime during the end of the previous millennium, when Christos realized his passion for films and he couldn't help, but embrace it. The consequences were inevitable. What started as a childish effort with his father's shaky handy-cam, has now developed to a more serious business. 

Christos is trying to make films about all those things that inspire him. Putting his experiences, thoughts and opinions on screen seems to be exactly what he wanted, as the story spreads faster and describes itself. Writing is his means of creating a story, directing is his vision for shaping it and editing the best way to put the finishing touches on this artistic expression.

He never stops being thirsty for more experiences and willing to improve his skills. Dare to make him feel comfortable and his personality will unfold like rolled paper running downhill. After all, he's just an extrovert guy trying to write his own story, direct his career and edit his future to fit his favorite engagement: Filmmaking!